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Safe school environments and routes

Safe to school

In Belgium, 14 children are involved in a traffic accident on the way to school every single day. That is why we actively create safer school environments and school routes. We turn kids into strong and confident road users.

Do we choose people or machines?

of parents

believes it is too unsafe to let their child cycle or walk to school

of parents

would let their child walk or cycle to school if the streets were safe

of people

is in favor of speed reductions for cars in school neighbourhoods

of people

is concerned about the air quality near schools

Let's get rid of chaos at the school gate

More and more parents take their child to school by car. This makes the area around the school more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. Consequently, even more parents decide to take their child to school by car...

This is the reality many schools face today. Time to break that vicious circle. Time to make people realise that a school environment that prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists is much more pleasant for our kids.

A safe school environment goes further than just safety at the school gate. The routes to and from the school are just as important.

Proven solutions for your school

Schools Count!: A ready-made lesson package to learn to look critically at mobility around the school.

School transport plan: Map that identifies the safe and unsafe traffic situations children encounter on their way to school.

Aya at School: A campaign that inspires toddlers and their parents to come to school on foot or by bike.

School route map: Map that identifies the safest walking and cycling routes to school.

Traffic Education Route: A training route that teaches kids to move around safely.

Car-Free School Day: A special day with fun activities for kids, on the street in front of the school.

We help you build child-friendly school environments

Every school requires a tailor-made solution. Whether it concerns a school transport plan, a traffic education route or a school route map, we always consult all stakeholders to find the right solution. Because together we can achieve more.

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