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How many cars drive through my street everyday? How fast are they going? And in which direction? Telraam's automatic traffic counter provides an objective answer to these questions. The tool gives citizens and policymakers an overview of local traffic flows, and allows them to work together on better local mobility policies.

Fixing local traffic issues

Whether it concerns speeding or excessive cut-through traffic, we all want solutions to the traffic problems we encounter in our own street. To arrive at those solutions, it is of course important for both citizens and policymakers alike to first clearly identify the issues at hand.

Traffic counts for an objective overview

Traffic counts can help make traffic problems tangible. Unfortunately, at present, traffic counts are often expensive, temporary and generic, not distinguishing between different modes of transport. This makes it difficult for citizens and policymakers to get an objective overview of local traffic issues.

Telraam: Your automatic traffic counter

Today, however, another approach is possible thanks to Telraam. This innovative traffic counter turns citizens into citizen scientists who collect reliable data about the traffic flows in their street. In a simple and straight-forward way. All they need is a Telraam sensor, a window on the first floor, a socket and a WiFi connection.

The counting itself occurs automatically. The Telraam sensor peers through the window to count all passers-by, distinguishing between pedestrians, cyclists, cars and trucks. The sensor not only registers the number of passers-by, but also their speed and their direction of travel.

Globally, more than 2,000 people count traffic flows with Telraam. In addition to citizens and policymakers, engineering firms and mobility professionals are also increasingly making decisions on the basis of high-quality traffic data collected by Telraam sensors.

Wouter Florizoone
Business Development Manager at Telraam

A tool for citizens and policymakers

Telraam's traffic counts provide added value to both citizens and policymakers.

  • Citizens use the traffic counts to better understand traffic in their street or neighbourhood. Telraam's counts, statistics and analyses also help citizens raise persistent traffic problems with their city or municipality, backed by objective data.
  • Policymakers, on the other hand, use Telraam in participation processes. They engage citizens to count traffic, analyze traffic flows, and come up with solutions based on those counts and analyses. This approach allows policymakers to build broad support for new mobility measures. In this respect, Telraam provides guidance from A to Z: from the recruitment of counters, to a workshop on data analysis, to advice on the most appropriate mobility measures.

Did you know...

... that all Telraam counts and statistics are publicly available on the Telraam website? And that you can freely share all your ideas and questions about traffic counts and local mobility issues with other engaged citizens on the online platform Telraam Talks?

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Questions about Telraam?

Patrick Auwerx

Do you want to get started with this innovative traffic counter? Or do you want to integrate Telraam into your municipal participation process? Contact our colleague Patrick, or check the Telraam website for more information.

Smart cities and towns

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We believe in the power of participation and innovation. Collectively, people can achieve more. We use groundbreaking methodologies and cutting-edge technology to build smarter cities and towns, ready for the future.

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