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Our initiatives

We support citizens and policymakers in creating more streets on a human scale. Among others, our initiatives help you to involve more people in your plans for a low-traffic neighbourhood, to put an end to transport poverty or to ensure that children can travel to school safely.

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Cycling Without Age

Enabling people with limited mobility to experience the joy and wonder of cycling. That's what Cycling Without Age is all about.

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CIVINET .BE brings together Belgian cities and towns to get the most out of European mobility projects. The learning network aims to ensure Belgian municipalities remain international pioneers in the field of sustainable mobility.

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PING is an easy-to-use tool that helps policymakers make cycling in their city or town even more enjoyable. All thanks to the real-time data, input and insights collected by local cyclists.

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Sustainable parking policies start with a proper audit. Thanks to ParkPAD, cities and towns have access to a state-of-the-art auditing instrument to evaluate and adjust their parking policy.

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The Cycling School

Cycling is healthy, flexible and relatively cheap. Yet, there are lots of people who've never learned to ride a bike. This lack of cycling skills limits their freedom of movement. Through low-threshold cycling lessons, the Cycling School transforms them into daily cyclists.

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Telraam is an automatic sensor that allows citizens to count traffic in their street. The tool enables citizens to objectively map local traffic flows and to support policymakers in improving mobility policies.

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Are you ready to join us on the road towards a more sustainable future? We'd love to hear your plans, proposals and questions!