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ParkPAD objectifies debates about parking, and supports local governments in strategically integrating parking policies into their mobility plans. With the help of this innovative audit tool, cities and towns can evaluate their parking policy and introduce improvements with immediate impact.

A basis for strategic parking policies

ParkPAD is an innovative audit method, developed within the CIVITAS project Park4SUMP, that helps cities and towns to evaluate, adjust and rethink their parking policy as part of a broader, future-oriented mobility policy. The tool objectifies political debates about parking, making the topic less emotional and controversial.

Each ParkPAD audit is supervised by an expert auditor, in the local language and with knowledge of the local context. Through (online) surveys and roundtable discussions, the auditor maps both existing parking policies and future policy ambitions. Based on that analysis, the auditor draws up an action plan and a final report with concrete proposals for improvement. The auditor strives for consensus between all stakeholders throughout the process.

As of 2024, the audit has been rolled out in dozens of cities across sixteen European countries.

Parking is a controversial topic. Many policymakers are weary of even bringing up the subject. Parking, however, claims a significant amount of public space in our cities and towns. This valuable space can be used more efficiently, resulting in safer and more liveable streets and neighbourhoods.

Patrick Auwerx
Project Manager at Mobiel 21

Parking as a lever for sustainable urban mobility

More than ever, cities and towns need a smart, sustainable and strategic parking policy. Unfortunately, the potential of carefully considered parking policies is often underestimated. Parking management should be at the core of any and all sustainable mobility plans. Parking, ultimately, is about so much more than just storing cars. It's a topic that touches upon urban quality of life, spatial planning, safety, climate adaption, social inclusion, multimodal accessibility, health as well as economic development.

ParkPAD in numbers


integrated parking management into their mobility plans after a ParkPAD audit

more public space

by removing on-street parking spots

certified national auditors

in Austria, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

ParkPAD: A comprehensive audit

ParkPAD covers all aspects of parking policy: from development, over implementation, to parking innovation, information, communication, enforcement, and finally data use. The tool can be targeted and tailored, with cities and towns deciding which aspects or areas to focus on. Through a co-creative approach, it involves all relevant stakeholders in the process, resulting in a broad consensus about the future of parking in your city or town.

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Ready to improve parking in your city or town?

Glenn Godin

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We showcase how great streets are when there is more room for people instead of cars. Streets on a human scale that allow for social contact, playful activities and a dash of nature. Streets to live in, not just drive through.

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