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Smart cities and towns

CIVINET .BE brings together Belgian cities and towns to get the most out of European mobility projects. The learning network aims to ensure Belgian municipalities remain international pioneers in the field of sustainable mobility.

Mobility and the EU

The European Union supports cities and towns in fostering sustainable mobility. It provides financing mechanisms, organizes innovation projects and shares best practices, including in Belgium. Local governments, policymakers and mobility professionals, however, often have a hard time keeping an overview of all that's going on in Europe.

A learning network of Belgian municipalities

To help local governments get the most out of European mobility projects, CIVINET .BE is a learning network that brings together municipalities from Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia. The network helps policymakers and civil servants maintain an overview of financing options, project calls and best practices at the European level.

In other words: CIVINET .BE brings Europe to your town hall or village square. In an accessible and approachable way. Its aim? Ensuring that Belgian cities and towns remain international pioneers when it comes to sustainable mobility.

Your portal to Europe

CIVINET .BE translates European mobility knowledge into the Belgian cultural context. The network supports the exchange of expertise between municipalities through events and activities. It also serves as a portal to Europe by sharing relevant information from the European Commission. This includes, for example, updates on European mobility projects, programmes and policies.

Conversely, CIVINET .BE also offers municipalities a feedback channel to inform the European Commission about the challenges they encounter on the road towards more sustainable mobility.

Is your city or town ready to join?

Are you a policymaker, alderman or local official in a Belgian municipality and do you want to get a better picture of what's going on at the European level? Or do you just want to stay up-to-date about future CIVINET actions and activities? Simply contact to jojn the network, without any formal engagement and completely free of charge.

A national network within CIVITAS

CIVINET .BE is a national network within the European CIVITAS programme. Over the past 20 years, this programme has succeeded in promoting mobility research and innovation, and supporting local governments throughout Europe in developing, testing and deploying sustainable mobility measures.

In late 2023, Mobiel 21 presented the new network for the first time. Nearly 20 Brussels, Flemish and Walloon municipalities brainstormed about the approach and future activities of CIVINET .BE. Behind the scenes, even more municipalities indicated that they were interested in the new network. Mobiel 21 is now using their valuable input to roll out exciting CIVINET activities in 2024.

Note that there are similar national networks in other European countries, allowing for interesting exchanges across national borders.

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Smart cities and towns

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