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Participation and innovation for better mobility

Smart cities and towns

Mobility affects all people. You too. You undoubtedly have ideas to make your street safer, more liveable, and better accessible. Other people have different ideas. To move forward, it is important that citizens and policymakers come together to exchange all these smart ideas.

Mobility is about people

One way to exchange smart ideas is participation. This is a process in which citizens and policymakers enter into discussions with each other and with their broader environment. Participation thus allows everyone to make their voices heard in the mobility debate. The aim? Shaping the sustainable mobility of the future together, tailored to the needs and wishes of the people it affects.

Citizens unite for change

How can we make the intersection in our street safer? How do we reduce cut-through traffic in our neighbourhood? Citizens throughout the country are uniting to find solutions to specific mobility problems. They do so, for instance, through neighbourhood committees or action groups. Participation organized from the bottom up.

But how do you, as a citizen, involve your neighbours in putting change into practice? And how do you convince your city or town that there is indeed a problem? Mobiel 21 offers activists inspiration to promote their citizens' initiative within their neighbourhood, for example through tactical activities and actions on the street.

Citizen science, because everyone is a mobility expert

Everyone lives somewhere and everyone moves around. Every citizen, in other words, is a mobility expert. To strengthen this expertise, we offer citizens innovative tools to objectively identify and analyse traffic problems. These tools include Telraam's automatic traffic counter or PING's cycling data campaign. This way, we turn every citizen into a citizen scientist.

Policymakers want your opinion

How can we involve residents in mobility policy? That, in turn, is the question that concerns policymakers. They want their decisions to respond to the needs, wishes and dreams of their residents. That can only be achieved by listening, engaging in dialogue and thinking together. Through workshops, discussion evenings or neighbourhood chats for example. Participation organized by the municipality or local government, top-down.

To turn every municipal participation process into a success, we offer policymakers in both large and small municipalities tailor-made guidance throughout the entire process.

Mobiel 21 also helps policymakers embrace citizen initiatives. Admittedly, this may take some getting used to as a municipality, but it is extremely valuable to integrate good ideas of citizens into policy.

Citizen participation with a positive impact

Mobiel 21 strongly believes in participation that encourages initiatives from citizens and policymakers. Because, just like you, we want participation to have a positive impact on our cities, towns, neighbourhoods and streets.

Would you like to know how we help strengthen your local citizens' initiative with inspiration and innovative tools? Or do you want tailor-made guidance for your municipal participation process? Let us know!

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