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Our network

We want to change the world. From the smallest town to the largest city. We cannot do so alone. That's why we work closely with our partners.

With citizens

Many citizens are ready to work on the sustainable mobility of the future: from activists to volunteers. They are our allies. We support them with insights and inspiration so that they can take action themselves. We set them in motion, on the road to more streets on a human scale.

With policymakers

Mobility is a hot topic. Everyone has an opinion about it. Therefore, it is therefore for policymakers to look, feel and hear what is going on in their city or town. We help them with that, through tailored support at all political levels: local, provincial, regional, national and European.

With schools

Children have a unique view of our world. We consciously choose to engage children in the mobility debate from an early age. Together with school principals, teachers, parents and of course the children themselves, we create safer school environments and school routes.

With other organisations

Mobiel 21 does not pursue its mission alone. To achieve our aims and ambitions, we can count on the expertise, experiences and support of all kinds of other organisations and associations.

We work closely with our partner organisations within the Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit; with universities and knowledge institutions; with study and design agencies, with cycling organizations such as Pro Velo and Fietsberaad Vlaanderen; with other socio-cultural movements within De Federatie and the Netwerk tegen Armoede; with technology partners such as Telraam, Bike Citizens and Maplix; and with commercial partners such as KBC and CERA.

Join the action

Are you ready to join us on the road towards a more sustainable future? We'd love to hear your plans, proposals and questions!