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The Cycling School

Mobility for everyone

Cycling is healthy, flexible and relatively cheap. Yet, there are lots of people who've never learned to ride a bike. This lack of cycling skills limits their freedom of movement. Through low-threshold cycling lessons, the Cycling School transforms them into daily cyclists.

Cycling changes lives

For people without the financial means to buy a private car, it's not always that easy to get where they want to go. For them, destinations like work, school, the supermarket or the sports club are difficult to reach. Transport poverty, in other words, puts a brake on people's freedom of movement. In such cases, cycling is a relatively affordable solution that makes all kinds of destinations accessible.

Cycling, however, is not self-evident for everyone. Lots of people have never learned to ride a bike when they were young, or have lost the ability to cycle over the years.

In low-threshold cycling lessons, The Cycling School (or 'De Fietsschool' in Dutch) gives adults the skills and confidence they need to get on a bike independently. Our goal? Ensuring people in transport poverty experience not only the joy of cycling, but also more freedom of movement. Changing lives, that's what we do it for!

More than just cycling lessons

To cycle independently, people need more than just cycling lessons. That's why The Cycling School also covers related topics such as road safety, traffic rules, bicycle maintenance and bicycle repair. It even supports participants in finding a suitable (second-hand) bike.

By looking at cycling in broad terms, The Cycling School ensures its participants continue cycling even after their cycling lessons, and that they can quickly repair a flat tire or a dried-out chain themselves.

In addition to cycling skills, the lessons are also an excellent opportunity for participants to meet new people and expand their social network. Empowerment in action.

A success story

A teacher, a volunteer, a deserted courtyard in the Belgian city of Leuven, about twenty bicycles and some ropes and cones. That's how The Cycling School took off in 2011. The formula turned out to be a success, both in Leuven and beyond. We continue to build on that success every day.


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The Cycling School in your neighbourhood

For cities and towns

The Cycling School supports municipalities in setting up and organising cycling lessons. The local context, wishes and needs determine what that support looks like.

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For volunteers

Volunteers contribute to the success of The Cycling School. Are you passionate about cycling? Do you want to fight transport poverty by teaching others how to cycle? Let us know.

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For participants

We will help you get in the bicycle saddle quickly and safely, even if you have never been on a bike before. Ask us for more info about lessons in your neighbourhood.

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Questions about The Cycling School?

Ine Bosmans

Mobility for everyone

Fighting transport poverty

We're fighting transport poverty by doing research into its causes and effects, and by giving cycling lessons to adults. Because everyone should be able to get where he or she needs to be.

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