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Our mission

Mobiel 21 sets people in motion. Literally and figuratively. We encourage people to look at mobility differently and to move more actively. Together with citizens and policymakers, we pursue a mental and modal shift. This way, we make sustainable mobility tangible and accessible to everyone.

Mobility as a lever for a better world

Millions of people are on the road every day. A commute to work or a recreational trip during the weekend: every trip has a different purpose. And each of those trips counts, because collectively they have a major impact on people, the environment and society.

The way we move determines what our streets and cities look like, how comfortable we feel on the road, and how freely we can breathe fresh air.

By looking critically at the way we move, we can change its impact on people, the environment and society. Because mobility is a lever for a better world, with more space for people instead of machines.

A heart for people

People are our guide. We monitor the social dimension of mobility in all our actions and activities. Because sustainable mobility must be attractive to all road users. Young and old. Mobile and less mobile. At Mobiel 21, we leave no one behind. That is why we support sustainable mobility with, for and by people.

Join us on our mission

Making sustainable mobility tangible and accessible to everyone is not something we do alone. To achieve this, we cooperate and collaborate with people like you.

Mobiel 21 is recognized as a socio-cultural movement by the Flemish Department of Culture, Youth and Media and achieves its mission, amongst others, with the support of the Flemish government.