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Parking management should be an important part of sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP) but unfortunately, it is one the most underdeveloped segments. Most EU member states lack national level policy and guidance on parking. The Horizon 2020 project CIVITAS Park4SUMP aims to change this, because good parking management has proved to be of utmost importance. The general concept is to take the very best parking management examples, contexts and expertise in Europe, learn and profit from these, and transfer them on a large scale and in the best way possible to new cities.

Park­ing man­age­ment as game chang­er for urban mobility

Despite good park­ing man­age­ment has proven to be ben­e­fi­cial in deliv­er­ing sus­tain­able urban mobil­i­ty in our cities, it is still one of the most under­de­vel­oped sec­tions with­in the Sus­tain­able Urban Mobil­i­ty Plan­ning (SUMP) poli­cies. Park4SUMP aims to reverse this sta­tus by con­sid­er­ing park­ing man­age­ment as part of a wider strat­e­gy that can ben­e­fit urban mobil­i­ty but also the over­all qual­i­ty of life of our cities. In fact, good park­ing man­age­ment can help free­ing up pub­lic space, sup­port­ing local busi­ness­es, reduc­ing search trav­el, gen­er­at­ing rev­enues, and mak­ing our cities more attrac­tive. Six­teen cities have teamed up in the project to demon­strate and trans­fer ben­e­fits of strate­gi­cal­ly and smart­ly man­aged parking.

Park4SUMP aims at stim­u­lat­ing fur­ther inno­va­tion in park­ing man­age­ment and turn­ing park­ing poli­cies from being reac­tive and oper­a­tional as today to become more strate­gic, effec­tive and holistic.

Inno­v­a­tive park­ing solu­tions to achieve your city’s vision and objectives.

Future park­ing solu­tions no longer look at old-fash­ioned infra­struc­tur­al set­tings – e.g. expan­sion of park­ing areas when the demand is grow­ing. Instead, focus will become more on park­ing and behav­iour’. As such, desired behav­ioral change can be obtained in dif­fer­ent ways, such as by reg­u­la­tions, enforce­ment, cam­paigns, nudg­ing and reward­ing. This way, park­ing can be inte­grat­ed in broad­er urban mobil­i­ty pol­i­cy, under the umbrel­la of SUMP.

The gen­er­al Park4SUMP con­cept is to take the very best and inno­v­a­tive park­ing man­age­ment exam­ples, con­texts and exper­tise in Europe, prof­it and learn from these, and trans­fer them on a large scale and in the best way pos­si­ble to new cities and new con­texts tak­ing into account cul­tur­al and legal differences.

Tai­lor made advice and pro­vide sup­port to cities

The project’s method­ol­o­gy is built around tai­lor made advice and sup­port to part­ner cities. To do so, Park4SUMP helps to pave the way towards the inte­gra­tion of inno­v­a­tive park­ing man­age­ment with­in the Sus­tain­able Urban Mobil­i­ty Plans.

Fur­ther­more, the project sup­ports with build­ing capac­i­ty, par­tic­u­lar­ly among cities that have dif­fi­cul­ty in devel­op­ing and imple­ment­ing such poli­cies. Effec­tive pol­i­cy trans­fers from one city to anoth­er in order to enhance the exchange of knowl­edge on best prac­tices on park­ing man­age­ment, as well as com­mu­ni­cat­ing the ben­e­fits of good park­ing man­age­ment are anoth­er core of the project.

And final­ly, Park4SUMP works with liv­ing labs in neigh­bour­hoods to increase the park­ing man­age­ment acceptance.