Beat the Sunday Blues!

You are a student of campus KU Leuven and you want to join a beautiful cycling tour in the outback and nature around Leuven? Join our Beat The Sunday Blues cycling trips from around 15 – 20 km.

You are a stu­dent of cam­pus KULeu­ven and you want to join a beau­ti­ful cycling tour in the sur­round­ings of Leu­ven? Join our Beat The Sun­day Blues cycling trips (15 to 20 km)

Place to gath­er is the Blue Bike point in the under­ground bike park­ing space at the front side of the sta­tion (Google maps: Blue Bike Leuven)

Because of COVID-19 you can only take part with your own bike.

These trips start at 1.30 p.m. and end at 4.30 p.m. Please enroll before Fri­day 5 pm (before the Sun­day of the trip).

As a KU leu­ven stu­dent you can reg­is­ter for the Beat the Sun­day Blues Cycling Tours via the Inter­cul­tur­al Meet­ing Cen­tre Pangaea.