Where does the name Mobiel 21 come from?

Mobiel 21 is the contraction of 2 terms: Mobiel and 21. The term Mobiel (Mobile) refers to mobility, Mobiel 21's field of activity. It also refers to the organisation's flexibility. Mobiel 21 easily adjusts to new situations, innovates and continually tries to move forward. The 21 refers to the future on the one hand and to 'Lokale Agenda 21', an action plan on sustainable mobility, on the other.

Mobiel 21 is building towards a sustainable mobility culture for the 21st century. The organisation supports the goals and methods described in Lokale Agenda 21.

Is Mobiel 21 a public service?

No, Mobiel 21 is an independent organisation that works on everything concerned with sustainable mobility. As a socio-cultural organisation we do receive government funding, but we also receive compensations for our project work in the private sector.

How do I order a game or brochure?

In the menu 'Informs' you can find the item Publications and Downloads. You can place an order by simply clicking on the publication or game of your choice.

Can Mobiel 21 act as a spokesperson for individuals?

No, Mobiel 21 never acts as a spokesperson for individuals in discussions with governments, neighbours or other sorts of disputes.