What do we do?


Mobiel 21 is an organisation for sustainable mobility. We want to help build a living environment that is accessible and liveable in a nature-friendly and safe way. Mobiel 21 inspires and activates people, groups, organisations and governments to thoughtfully consider their means of transport and transport habits.


Mobiel 21 is committed towards building a culture of sustainable mobility in Flanders, Belgium and Europe that maintains the balance between social, ecological (including health) and economic aspects. Maintaining a good balance between these three aspects is crucial for the sustainable mobility culture of the future. Mobiel 21 and her partners are aware of the impact of their behaviour and they choose to act by it.

Mobiel 21 wants people to consider the following questions:
Why do I need transport? How and with what means of transport can I travel? These questions should lead to a more conscious mix of transport means, more environment-friendly transport, safer traffic and a more qualitative living and traffic environment.

On the one hand, Mobiel 21 encourages individuals and groups to make use of more sustainable means of transport. On the other hand, the organisation stimulates local and global governments to take the necessary steps in order to create that essential balance. Mobiel 21 raises awareness and encourages behavioural change by informing, educating and stimulating social action among several target groups.

Mobiel 21 is an independent organisation for sustainable mobility that develops, gathers and spreads knowledge in order to influence policy and behaviour. Mobiel 21 wants to play a central role in Europe so they can contribute to a more durable European society as well.

Mobiel 21 is continually in search of cooperations and synergies to help them create this sustainable mobility culture.