Bicycle Suite - A 'Hot Spot' for Your Bike

Flanders, 2011-2012

Where are you supposed to store your bike when you live in an apartment or you simply do not have any garage space (left)? Research shows that many people refrain form cycling when their bike is not within their reach. Keeping your bike outside makes it prone to harsh weather conditions, vandalism and even theft.

That is why Mobiel 21 has written several leaflets informing people about how they can give their bike a 'hot spot'. There is a specific brochure for architects and renovators, containing good and handy examples of cycle sheds. Another brochure is meant for cities and towns, because they too can help tackle this problem. For example, they can decline a building permit for a new apartment block if the building plans do not contain a bike park. Or they can place bike parks that citizens can use for free. You can find the brochures and more information here.

The project ended in 2011, but due to its success it will be continued throughout this year as well. Thanks to the extra support the Flemish Government gave Mobiel 21; the project is gradually gaining fame. Organizing guest lectures for student-architects and fun initiatives like special videos and postcards are just a few examples of how Mobiel 21 is trying to raise more awareness.

Bicycle Suite is supported by the Flemish Government, VVSG (Association of Flemish Cities and Towns) and NAV (Organisation of Flemish Architects).