Bambini - On the Move with Bike and Kids

Europe, 2009-2012

The goal of the Bambini-project is to promote sustainable mobility among young parents and their children. In light of this project many workshops, games and brochures have been developed.

Mobiel 21 started up this new awareness project in cooperation with the Gezinsbond, a Flemish family organisation. During a meeting, young families come together to share their ideas on sustainable mobility. How can you set an example for your children? What do you do with the little ones when travelling over short distances? How do others prepare their children for their first bicycle trip alone? How do you teach your child to use public transport? How do others get along with just one (family) car? These meetings give people the opportunity to exchange fun experiences and stories, but it also gives them the chance to share some questions and doubts. There is always an experienced moderator at the meeting who overlooks the group debates and makes adjustments where necessary.

Bambini also tries to involve the parents' young children (aged 0 to 6) in the project. For this purpose, Mobiel 21 developed a 'sustainable mobility activity box' that can be used in kindergarten. The box consists of picture books, several brochures, two small games and the mobility game for toddlers. For the youngest children, there are also two pull- and pushbikes the children can play with in the classroom.

In support of the Bambini project, Mobiel 21 organises training programmes for midwives and kindergarten teachers. For more information, read the Bambini- brochure on cycling with kids. You can find it on the right-hand side of this page.