Aya - For the Young Ones...

Flanders, 2011 - present

Mobiel 21 has developed a mobility game for children aged 4 to 6. While playing, toddlers talk about their traffic experiences, discuss their own behaviour, learn some basic traffic rules and learn how to act in dangerous traffic situations. Together with their teacher, the toddlers have to fulfil several tasks. They tell each other about how they go to school and discuss the dangerous situations they encounter on their way. The children play small games that teach them basic traffic skills like how a traffic light works or how to cross a road. The game also includes a set of pictures of traffic situations. The children have to judge whether the displayed behaviour is safe or not. Throughout the game, the children can also be pulled over by the police. The policemen can tell them off for driving too fast or too slowly.
Teachers can work on traffic and mobility education all day long, not just during PE. Aya collects many fun activities. Anyone who knows an entertaining activity, can share it with us and their colleague teachers so they can use the ideas in their classrooms as well.

If you are interested in ordering a game, you can do that here.